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Tienda 4 Pax

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Tienda 4 Pax - Foto 2/2
Beds: 4
Baños: 0
Capacity: 4 guests
Bath: Shared
Motorcycle parking
Arrival: June 17, 2021
Departure: June 20, 2021
To pay now: 40,00
Prepayment before March 31, 2021: 260,00
* By bank transfer to the partner accommodation, once the account number is sent to you.
* Includes taxes and fees
Available :8
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Tienda 4 pax - Thumbnail 1/2
Tienda 4 pax - Thumbnail 2/2


The structure of the tents with a wood and canvas base will allow them to have their own comfortable space, while enjoying an experience in the middle of nature. The closure of the stores is zipped. If you request it at our reception, we can offer you a padlock. The Glamping tents consist of 90cm mattresses, a table, a carpet and a power outlet. Sleeping bag will be brought. The stores are in two different locations, one on the beach and others in the wooded area. Parking space included in the special parking area.

Towels not included